About Coastal Industrial

Coastal Industrial Services is a third generation family owned business actively involved in operating and managing the corporation. All divisions of Coastal have been aligned with the collective capabilites to provide our end use customers with access from one resource, to the broadest range of environmental solutions in our industry. Our unique capabilities include complete turnkey operations.

Coastal has a unique combination of resources available to assist our customers with specific challenges. Led by our owners and top management, Coastal has the ability to bring highly experienced and commited personnel to evaluate the key elements of our customers' facilities.

Safety and Compliance

Coastal has always recognized its commitment to our employees and customers to provide a safe and healthy workplace. That is why we have developed a comprehensive Safety and Training process emphasizing the employer's regulatory responsibilities as it pertains to injury and illness prevention.

Safety, industrial hygiene and loss prevention are the direct responsibilities of all levels of Coastal personnel who will create an environment that becomes a behavior and culture of caring for not only their own personal safety but that of others. Prior to commencement of any Coastal project it is policy that Coastal will anticipate, recognize,evaluate all potential hazards, and to institute control measures in that actively minimize or eliminate unnecessary loss.

Our Staff

Coastal has highly knowledgeable and experienced personnel. From our people out in the field to our management staff, our personnel have always been trained to handle multiple situations and choose the best course of action for a project to improve efficiency while minimizing safety hazards.



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